Veganism as a New Way of Life

Vegan food Salad

Personal blog about social eating and food enjoyment and current super kitchen stuff…

It seems sensible to sidestep into a blog that allows me to express the things I’m passionate about and interested in; a space for me to air and explore ideas that mightn’t sit fully with my other interests and responsibilities. Post the odd bit about my work stuff without being having that ‘hat’ on. I’m a social eating advocate, a do-er. An ex-academic. A massive cyclist and I’ve been described as a ‘breezeblock with tits’. But I’m also a woman who likes to cook, and even more than I like cooking, I like eating and sharing food…

This is a blog I’m getting together to show anyone who cares, how to have a good brekkie and start the day on full-power.
Or to eat a good lunch that you can thrive on. Or to celebrate the tasty blow-outs on peanut butter crisps or salty pickles. I love food and food loves me. I’m not skinny, I’m not constantly hungry, I am not faddy or particularly righteous. I just like to share what I’m doing food-wise and that’s about it. I don’t eat wheat if I can help it, I’m a vegetarian but I’m not here to bust your balls about what you eat. The main thing is foody-love and for me, it’s about being mentally well by eating well.

I’m also here to share the love I have for sunsets, crystals, chanting and coconut-based products.