Vegan Food

Chana chant

Cheap as chips and frugal as f*#k…

Sometimes I try something and wonder how I got through life without it… Chana Quiches are those such things. Flavour-combinations galore. Easy to assemble. Quick to cook. Tasty to devour. Vegan. Gluten-free. High fibre. High protein and just, well, really freaking good…

A couple of cups of fine-milled chana (chickpea) flour, a couple of water, a splosh of oil and some salt. Whip into a runny batter then fold in whatever veg or flavours you fancy… Oil muffin trays, pour in batter the bake for about ten minutes, let steam out of the over, then close door and allow to brown and crisp. Ready in just over ten minutes. Golden and crisp on the outside and as long as you don’t overcook them, they are eggy and creamy in the middle.

Flavours that go well are roasted aubergine, sweet potato and garlic salt. Roasted cherry tomatoes, red onion and pesto. Curry-spiced fried onions and garlic.

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