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Yes I’m a Food Square and I batch-make my weekly snacks. I also batch make Sweet Potato Chilli, Lentil Pie Fillings and Chickpea Curry and have a large freezer-stash of ready-to-make-meal-fillings. With a little prepping it is easy to make a whole load of good things to peck at all week long… I need high-fat, high-protein stuff to keep me feeling sated and sane and so nuts, seeds, coconut oils and dates are regulars…

Here in this droolsome snacky-wacky snap are Coconut Curry Cashews, Chocolate Almond Raw Balls and Orange and Coconut Meltaways… and my regular Vegan Crack aka Tamari Kale Chips…

Coconut Curry Cashews- melt a small tablespoon of coconut oil on a very low heat, add salt, turmeric, mild curry spice powder (I use Jamaican Curry Powder), a tablespoon of maple syrup and some coconut flakes. Stir until well-coated and turn out onto a baking sheet and roast on a low/medium oven until fragrant and golden. Cool completely before stashing.

Tamari Kale Chips- wash and thoroughly dry the kale, pull out the woody stems, put in a bowl and tear into big fronds, douse liberally with tamari, a very small glug of oil, some sesame seeds or a spoon of tahini, a squeeze of lemon and then rub to coat. Tip onto a baking sheet and put in a low-low oven with a teatowel wedging the door open and just leave well alone for an hour and they should have dehydrated into still-green crisps. Make sure they are well dried and then leave to cool completely before bagging up.

Chocolate Almond Raw Balls- grind up a bag of whole almonds until rubble-y. Then add a tablespoon of cacao powder and a pinch of salt and a easpoon of cinnamon. Then whizz again for a few seconds. Then add a big handful of medjool dates, a dash of vanilla essence and a small tablespoon of coconut oil. Whizz again and it’ll turn into a dough-like texture. Add more dates or a splash of water if too dry.

The mixture should pinch together and so then you can tip it out and roll into small balls, finally rolling them in hemp seeds and cacao nibs. Keep them in the fridge.

Orange and Coconut Meltaways- grind another bag of almonds until rubble-y, then add a big handful toasted coconut flakes, a small jar of good quality (homemade) marmalade, a big tablespoon of coconut oil and then whizz into a soft, oily dough. The texture here should be softer, oozy and melty. Roll into balls and then into desiccated coconut and fridge. As these have a higher coconut oil ratio they should melt and have a sexier mouth-feel. Yum…

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