Healthy Food Recipes

Brekkie tings…

I have been experiencing massive needings for crispy, chewy, sweet, salty things. For the breaking of the day, no less…
Here is the basic mix for a properly delish breakfast that can be eaten as is, on yoghurt, on banana ice cream or even, dare I say it?, with a slab of cheese!
-raw, dehydrated buckwheat (not that hard, look on the i’net for soaking tips)
-a few oat flakes

  • cinnamon
    -pumpkin seeds
  • goji berries
    -coconut sugar
  • salt
    -chopped dates
    -coconut flakes

-then add and mix in melted coconut oil, vanilla essence and rice syrup. Bake on uber low for an hour then jar up to keep it fresh…

And here it is… In it’s healthful yet glorious glory… Eaten on this occasion with Banana Ice Cweeeam. Which for those that think I have some laborious ice cream maker, it is just frozen banana chunks blended into the consistency of soft-serve…

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