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It’s been a bit of a power struggle with chia. It’s everywhere and it seems like it is the perfect answer to all breakfasts- vegan, power-fooding, gluten-free- making a juicy, sweet, jelly-licious pudding. BUT and it’s a big bwatty but. It usually tastes like bird seed with a hint of earnest hippy. I’ve chugged my way through a fair few testers and just thought ‘good for me, but tastes crap’. UNTIL I found a magique combination of rice syrup and creamy coconut milk that rendered the seeds into an unctious morass that I wanted to have licked from my naked form and fed back to me…

Mix a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds with coconut milk, I use high-fat powdered stuff, vanilla, rice syrup or maple syrup and your flavours- I recommend cacao. Then mix very, very well and leave overnigt. It was always missing something before, but the rice syrup seems to dissolve really well and truly sweeten the seeds and the coconut milk add a wrongful creaminess that feels nice…

Flavour combinations are pumpkin puree, cinnamon and allspice. Cacao and cinnamon. Raspberry and Coconut Flakes and Mango and Ginger. Cherries and Coconut Flakes…

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