Healthy Food Recipes

Crispy tings…

How do you make it crispy, Marsha? Press the tofu to squeeze out the water, marinade in savoury, salty stuff, press again and fry until crispy!

Here’s another savoury recipe that uses left over brown rice for a nutty, crispy, salty bowl of goodness that even my child whupped down…Behold…

Fry onion, garlic and lots of grated ginger and cashews nuts until golden, some chunks of slightly softening carrots, some broccoli and a handful of frozen vegetables- mine has corn, peppers and peas in the mix- then stir until slightly softened and cooked. Then add the leftover brown rice and the crispy tofu you made before and splosh with liquid amino or soy and a bit of pepper. Devour shamelessly and enjoy a great protein hit from the nuts and the tofu… Delish…

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