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Indigo herbs goodness blow-out’s

I am fortunate enough to know two of the Founders of Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury. And as they saw my foody pics on FaceBook they asked if I would test out some of their new products. You mean send you will send me a treat box of me food goodies, I take photos of what i made and send you the recipes? it’s all good?

So, here are a few of the things I fashioned up. I was going for the non-sweet type of recipe as it’s easy to make raw truffles, sweet, toothsome granola bars and lots of delish smoothies but what about the salty, doughy, crunchy goodness of savory stodge?

I got a box of delights- nut butters, raw protein powders, chocolate making things and some shamanic smoking mix to enjoy in my pipe!

First up was a bit of light baking in the form of Hemp Nut Scones. These were a doddle to make and best eaten warm…
Recipe: Spelt flour, raw hemp protein powder from Indigo Herbs; I used a couple of tablespoons, salt, hemp hearts, black pepper, raw hemp butter and gluten-free baking powder.

Stir together dry ingredients, then add hemp butter and rub until it forms crumbs. You’ll have to decide how much nut butter you want to use. These would also be great with peanut or almond butter. When rubbed in, add cold water a touch at a time until it forms a soft, pliable dough. Shape, brush with veg oil on the top and bake until slightly risen and they ‘tap’ underneath. Best devoured warm with goats butter and fresh tomato slices…

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