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Jackfruit BBq blowout

What looks so much like meat that when you post it on Instagram, a big American meat producer ‘likes’ your picture? What gives your sister a victorious glow when she thinks you’ve reverted back to being carnivorous and she’s caught you ‘pulling pork’? What is loaded with carbohydrates, antioxidants, fibre and potassium and grills, chars and crisps up into a vegan blow out BBQ?


Yes. That thing I’d never heard of before yet have now eaten in some form everyday for about a week! Looking like a greying pineapple wedge in a tin, costing a mere £1.50 a shot from the local Asian supermarket and being easy to prepare and cook, I’d be easy of overlook this substance. That’s even if you’d ever heard of it in the first place! But best of all its rather bland flavour makes it ace at borrowing the juices of other foody things and by virtue of it’s shreddy, flaky appearance and mouth-feel, it’s a gift for those of us that sometimes wish tofu was a bit more chewy and those who have a deep suspicion of quorn…

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