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Massive crispy needings…

Saw this online very briefly, couldn’t find the link initially, but remembered enough to know instinctively that I could consume a whole cauliflower and feel not only good about it, but smug about it, too! No, it’s not vegan but it was so, so, so good and has been a weekly staple now since I fiddled with the recipe to get the base ‘just right’….

Hold on to your hats and get ready to eat a hella lotta this ‘pizza’ type creation!
Cauliflower Pizza- raw cauliflower (or frozen chunks), grated cheese, raw pumpkin protein powder, salt, free-range egg and handful of proprietary gluten-free flour (I used Dove Farms).

Graze or whizz cauliflower in blender until it forms small rice sized pieces, season with lots of salt, stir in protein powder, grated cheese and beaten egg and finally flour. Should form wet, sticky dough-type substance thingy. Spread on an oiled baking sheet, pat down into a pizza like formation then bake on low and slow until it firms up and crisps around the edges. The house will stink like a school dinner canteen and your kids will not want to eat it because of this. Fear not, once it’s been well baked, topped with some good, sweet tomato sauce, copious cheeses, olives and whatever the hell you fancy…

To keep it crispy you can flip the base over and bake on the other side before topping. This is ridiculously tasty and slices and holds pretty well, it isn’t hard and cardboard-y like too many gluten-free bases and it’s all vegetables! You can feel good knowing you’ve consumed a whole cauliflower! Yes, it may have been cheese-topped but….

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