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Raw tahini butter cups

Salty, sweet and nutty. Keep these in the fridge and gorge upon whenever the mood takes you. I made these using the rather spesh raw tahini that turned up in my Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury tuck box. It’s raw, very oily and creamy, clean tasting and very, very good.

Tahini Butter Cups- cocoa powder, salt, full fat coconut milk powder, vanilla, cocoa butter, maple syrup, raw tahini from Indigo Herbs ofGlastonbury, dates, toasted mixed nuts, coconut oil.

Melt equal amounts of raw cacao butter in a bain marie or in my case a glass jug in a small pan of hot water…. and then add maple syrup, vanilla, salt, raw cacao powder and coconut milk powder spoon by spoon until it’s thick, creamy and to your taste. Takes some real stirring but keep at it. I verge on a good sweet raw chocolate but do as you please. In the blender whizz some toasted nuts, dates, a good oily few tablespoons of raw tahini, salt and a teensy, tiny shake of cinnamon. Then put cup cake wrappers in a muffin tin and pour a tablespoon of raw choclate mix in each. Put tray in freezer to rapidly set. When set add a blob of your tahini butter mix and then top with more raw chocolate to fill. Freeze and again for a good while to fully set then hide from the kids. Devour at leisure. These should be sweet, toothsome, salty and melty in the midst and are best kept in the fridge. These are also an amazing treat when chopped and stirred into raw banana nicecream…

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