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Super spesh spelt spaghetti

When I ditched wheat a year ot two ago, one thing I knew I’d miss was spaghetti. It’s taken me a few attempts to find any decent wheat free pasta and I’d pretty much given up until a friend brought some spelt spaghetti around. I always think of spaghetti as a cheap, quick meal that can and should be treated to some special sauce to thank it for being such an easy to assemble dish… In the time it takes to boil the water and cook the spaghetti, garlic can melt with chilli and anchovy and be doused with oil and fresh herbs or sweet little cherry tomatoes can be fried up with capers and garlic and finished off with lemon…

But this recipe uses spelt spaghetti and tops it with a lucious cherry tomato and garlic sauce and is finished with a spoonful of the fantastic raw pumpkin seed butter from Indigo Herbs of Glasonbury, and fresh basil. The idea being that instead of pesto, the raw pumpkin seed butter would act like a melty, creamy nutty sauce. And it did! The raw pumpkin seed butter tops even the raw tahini that I’ve been raving about. It is dark, forest green, oily, creamy and uber tasty. It is of supreme quality and I don’t say that lightly. Simply the best pumpkin seed butter I’ve ever tasted and one of the top seed/nut butters around, full stop. So as a special treat I slow cooked a sweet, garlicky, cherry tomato sauce and when the spaghetti was cooked, then added a spoonful of raw pumpkin seed butter, let it melt and gently stirred it through, topping with fresh basil. this turned a good, simple spaghetti into a super spesh spelt spaghetti!

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