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I love coconuts! How to store coconut?

Opened coconut

For storage of coconut flakes, a well-ventilated, individual room is used so that no extraneous odors penetrate it. Humidity in the warehouse should not exceed 60 percent. The guaranteed period of use is one year. Coconut flakes for food use can be easily prepared at home. To do this, carefully choose the fruits that must be ripe and of high quality.

Coconuts can be purchased almost every year at any vegetable store. However, most often they are most popular in the autumn-winter period. The selected fruit should be strong, without visible damage and putrid odor.

Before using coconut, its surface is washed, cleaned of dirt and hair with a knife, or another suitable and convenient tool for this. First of all, to get the pulp in one of the dark eyes near the base of the nut, a hole is made with the tip of a knife.

Through a tube, drink juice (milk) in the fetus, or pour it into a container. The fruit must be split with a hammer into several parts or halves. Then, from each part of the coconut into the plates, gently rub the chips so that it has the same shape, thickness, and configuration. You can rub it, either manually (by mechanical means), or automatically, for example, with a mixer or a combine.

To make coconut flakes more palatable, a little vanilla sugar is added to it at will and taste. So, the product is ready to eat. But some foodies love it in a slightly dried form. This can be done on any plate or tray.

It is proved that the coconut fruit is a very nutritious and healthy product that can be used in food by almost any person because it has no contraindications. The truth should not be forgotten that for some substances that are contained in this product, someone may experience an allergic reaction if there is a predisposition to this. Well, one should not forget about the proper cleansing of the coconut from the shell, because before he came to us he had a very long way to go.